FSX Releases CatBlaster 2 as the newest DPF Cleaning System in the FSX family

Press Release – for immediate distribution

FSX Equipment, Inc, is proud to officially announce the CatBlaster 2 as the newest DPF cleaning system in the FSX family. The CatBlaster is designed for the light duty and automotive diesel particulate filter cleaning market. Light duty diesel trucks from GM, Dodge, and Ford, as well as Sprinter vans and diesel cars, have enclosed DPFs that require a customized cleaning approach. These filters were not designed by the manufacturer to be cleaned and do not have disconnect flanges to gain access to the surface of the filter for cleaning.

After four years of testing and development, the CatBlaster meets the challenge of cleaning these difficult DPFs and DOCs. The first cleaning step is the CatBlaster 2P. It knocks out most of the ash and soot with bi-directional pneumatic cleaning while preserving the bypass diagnostic feature that FSX machines are famous for. All other light duty cleaning methods use water first. Water cleaning eliminates the ability to detect bypass through the filter which identifies internally failed DPF cores. Since our inception, FSX machines have always had a diagnostic feature to be able to visually identify failed DPFs within seconds. The CatBlaster 2P is no different. It has an inspection window that will reveal broken DPFs in under a minute.

Another reason we don’t use water first is it is much easier to remove soot and ash when the DPFs is dry and it allows for easy waste disposal. After the majority of the soot and ash is removed using the CatBlaster 2P (about 10 minutes), the DPF is flushed with water in the CatBlaster 2H. This process removes the remaining material in just 5 minutes and then goes into drying the filter for 25 minutes. The entire process takes about 45 minutes and will also flow check the filter before and after leaving the operator with a printed ticket showing the results.

FSX invented a superior way to filter the waste water that features easy-to-clean reusable and inexpensive filters. The operator does not have to scoop out the sludge from a holding tank or purchase high price cartridge filters.

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