FSX Releases TrapBlaster JR solution for small and medium size shops to support DPF cleaning

Press Release – for immediate distribution

We are excited to officially announce the TrapBlaster JR, the newest DPF cleaning machine in the FSX family.

For years, FSX customers have been asking for a solution for small and medium size shops who want to get into DPF cleaning.

The standard FSX DPF Cleaning Package is designed for high volume shops. It requires a large air compressor, plenty of 3 phase power, 18’of floor space and can be quite costly for the small shops.

After two years of development and testing, we now have a solution for small shops. The new TrapBlaster JR uses much less air, runs on single phase, takes up less floor space and comes with a price tag that small shops can afford.

The TrapBlaster JR has an integrated dust collector so there is no need for a SootSucker. The best part is the TrapBlaster JR can run on shop air as little as a 10HP compressor! Small shops are no longer faced with finding power and space for a 30HP dedicated compressor!

The only drawback is that it is unable to clean the medium duty International DPFs (DuraStar/TerraStar) that have welded cones on both ends. We believe this represents a small percentage of the overall DPF cleaning business.

We recommend that customers also purchase the TrapTester and TrapBurner to complete the cleaning and testing capabilities.

The TrapTester and TrapBurner are now available in single phase so shops that do not have 3 phase power can get into the DPF cleaning business.

We believe this new machine will fit well with smaller shops that would like to penetrate the DPF cleaning market but haven’t had the resources to fund it until now.

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