FSX to Distribute Skyline™ Aftermarket DPFs

FSX Equipment, Inc. is pleased to announce the selection of Skyline™ aftermarket diesel particulate filters (DPFs) for immediate *national distribution. FSX and Skyline Emissions, Inc. recently entered into a mutual agreement to distribute the Skyline™ OEM-replacement DPFs. Over the last couple years, FSX has been involved in an exhaustive study into DPF technology to determine which aftermarket DPF manufacturer most closely resembles OEM aftertreatment devices. FSX found that Skyline™ developed DPF technology that meets or exceeds OEM level performance and quality. “We want to offer a new, high quality OEM replacement DPF to fill a need in the market place for a cost saving alternative”, says Cole Waldo, President of FSX.

"*Aftermarket DPFs are currently not available for sale or for use in the State of California."

SX Equipment, Inc. is the industry leader in DPF Cleaning Systems located North of Seattle in Granite Falls, Washington. To learn more see www.fsxinc.com or email sales@fsxinc.com or by calling 360-691-2999.

Skyline Emissions, Inc. is an ESW Group company located outside of Philadelphia, PA. Founded in 1999, ESW Group® in one of North America’s leading companies in retrofit and aftermarket heavy duty diesel emissions, manufacturing, distribution and emission testing services. Learn more at www.skylineemissions.com and www.eswgroup.com.