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Learn the basics aspects of owning and operating the FSX DPF Cleaning System.

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& Safety

Work Safe & Clean

Areas of concern with respect to both worker and workplace safety, and the environment.

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Ash & Soot
SDS Sheet

Downloadable SDS

Diesel Ash and Soot extracted from DPF's & DOC's Safety Data Sheet


DPF Cleaning

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Downloadable PDF

Bid Specification Language with downloadable word doc for your use.

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About FSX Equipment

FSX Inc. began cleaning DPFs in early 2005 and found that the conventional cleaning techniques and testing methods were insufficient to meet our cleaning specifications.

In pursuing the “most thorough” DPF cleaning for our customers, we first explored pulse technology. Our research and design team soon found that pulse cleaning did not provide a thorough cleaning of the DPF. This resulted in the development of the FSX TrapBlaster™ air knife scanning technology in 2006. Since then our machines have been proven to provide the best cleaning in the marketplace.

FSX Inc now has two sister companies- FSX Equipment and FSX Reconditioning. The corporate headquarters also houses the final assembly center and quality testing center for our DPF equipment manufacturing operations. Our other buildings are located in downtown Granite Falls, WA.

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