Ash Disposal

Ash and Soot removed from the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is considered low level hazardous waste in some states such as California. Check with your local or state environmental agencies before disposal. Dispose of cleaning byproducts in accordance with your local regulations.

Free Soot & Ash Disposal Program

As a customer benefit you can now ship your ash and soot to FSX and we will recycle it at no charge!
FSX has set up complete recycling programs for soot and ash to take care of the large OEM DPF remanufacturing contracts. LEARN MORE

Paper Filter Disposal

Replacement FilterThe paper filters used in the FSX SootSucker™ were designed for long life. One of the many advantages, both from an operation and an environmental standpoint is that over 250 DPFs can be cleaned using the SootSucker 2 before the paper filter needs to be replaced. Competing dust collector designs require you to change the filters between every 10 and 50 DPFs, increasing the cost of operation and the impact to the environment. FSX SootSucker ™ dust collectors save you money and substantially reduce your environmental impact!

The FSX primary paper filter cartridge can be cleaned and reused. We encourage you to check your local area for industrial filter cleaning company that can provide this service.

When paper filters need to be disposed, you need to follow local environmental regulations since they contain the same diesel soot and ash found in all other exhaust system components.