FSX Complete Cleaning System Package


This package contains all of the state of the art equipment for cleaning DPF's.

TrapBlaster Pneumatic Cleaner
TrapTester Air Flow Test Bench

TrapBurner Thermal Cleaner
SootSucker Dust Collector

Air Requirements for TrapBlaster

Full Air Mode

  • 120 Cubic Feet per min (CFM)  or  3400 liters per minute (l/min)
    100 PSI  or  7 Bar dry air delivered to TrapBlaster
  • Minimum 125CFM/125PSI 30HP Air Compressor or 22.5 KW: larger air compressor may be required depending on compressor manufacturer, air dryer used, pipe configuration and altitude.

AirSaver Mode

  • 60 Cubic Feet p/min (CFM)  or  1700 liters per minute (l/min)
    100 PSI  or  7 Bar dry air delivered to the TrapBlaster
  • Minimum 68CFM/100PSI 20HP Air Compressor  or  15 KW

Air Dryer
High Efficiency (Required) – desiccant style or refrigeration style for 120 CFM/3400 l/min at outlet

Pipe Diameter
1 ½” ID delivery line

Typical applications

  • Will process 8 DPF per 8 hour shift in AirSaver mode.
  • Will process 16 DPF per 8 our shift in FullAir mode.
  • Excellent starter package for Truck Dealers and Transit Fleets

Machine Specifications

Electrical Options Chart

electrical options chart
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Floor Layout

floor layout

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  1. Expand initially with the FSX Extention Ring Kit. The Extention Ringsallows you to process 3 filters at a time.

  2. If more expansion is necessary you can consider adding more TrapBurners. FSX has found that about one out of four retrofitted filters needs a thermal cleaning and one out of 6 to 8 active regeneration filters needs a thermal cleaning. Actual ratio will vary due to numerous factors.

  3. As volume grows you may need to add additional TrapBlaster Pneumatic Cleaning machines and an additional SootSucker 2 to collect the ash. Each DPF will release one pint to one quart of ash and soot.

  4. An overhead crane or jib boom may be beneficial in moving filters through the work center as volume justifies. FSX can provide recommendations.

  5. To get proper cleaning each TrapBlaster™ will need 120 CFM/100 PSI of dry air delivered to the TrapBlaster running Full Air Mode. Usually this can be accomplished using a 30 to 40 HP air compressor depending on air compressor manufacturer, air dryer used, pipe configuration and altitude.
    For lower volume shops AirSaver mode requires a minimum of 60 CFM/100 PSI of dry air delivered to the TrapBlaster, typically with a 20hp or greater compressor.


  • FSX machines come pre-assembled with only minimal set up required
  • FSX provides full color simple installation instructions to get you up and running the same day.
  • Installation normally takes 2 people 5-6 hours (not including electrical hook-ups)


  • Training materials are included with your purchase of FSX equipment.
  • Training materials include:
    • FSX Cleaning Manual - Detailed information on: installation, operation, maintenance , and DPF cleaning procedures all in a 15 tab 3 ring binder.
    • NEW Training DVD - Getting Started with the FSX System, Basic Safety Information, Operating Machines, Cleaning Process, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Accessories.
  • Optional on-site training is available, (but not necessary*) at an additional cost.
    *Everything in the optional on-site training is covered in the training materials.