FSX TrapBlaster
Pneumatic DPF Cleaner

FSX TrapBlaster DPF Cleaner
DPF Cleaner
Cleaner DPF

The TrapBlaster supports two modes of operation:
FullAir mode - 120 CFM/100 PSI of dry air delivered to the TrapBlaster running Full Air Mode. Usually this can be accomplished using a 30 to 40 HP air compressor depending on air compressor manufacturer, air dryer used, pipe configuration and altitude.

AirSaver mode - For lower volume shops get your filters "FSX Clean" with a minimum of 60 CFM/ 100 PSI of dry air delivered to the TrapBlaster, typically with a 20hp or greater compressor. AirSaver mode has been certified to clean filters just as well as FullAir mode. With a smaller air supply and alternating upper and lower air blast nozzles, the same level of cleaning is performed by extending the process time.

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  • The TrapBlaster is the flagship of the FSX product line, utilizing patented technology to clean filters significantly better than competing designs.
  • Using automatic or manual operation, the operator can immediately see the progress and status of the filter cleaning operation as it happens - no more "guessing" whether the filter is clean. If cells are particularly bad, switch to manual operation and spot-clean the affected areas.
  • Upper and lower air jets allow cleaning from both ends of the filter, not just one. The FSX technology has a built in diagnostic feature that makes it possible to detect filters that are failing.
  • Surprisingly quiet operation and a ton of additional features make the TrapBlaster the hands-down choice for DPF cleaning.
  • Fully automatic operation with manual capabilities for custom cleaning of particularly bad filters.
  • High pressure air jets clean from both ends to ensure optimum filter recovery.
  • Cell by cell cleaning ensures entire filter is cleaned.
  • High visibility design eliminates guesswork during the cleaning process.
  • Diagnostic features during cleaning allow detection of failed cell walls and defective filters.
  • Adjustable nozzles allow access to hard to reach flanges and recessed cavities.
  • Fully adjustable for filter height to 36" and 20" diameter.
  • "Side Stitch" mode allows focused cleaning on outer edge of filters typically undercleaned by other systems.


  • Includes Adapter Plate Kit that fits all open end DPF filters ranging from 4.5" to 14" ID
  • Set of 4 Curved Nozzles
  • 3 Different sizes of pin gauging material (0.065", 0.045", 0.035")
  • Owners manual

Ring SetBasic Curved Nozzle SetPinsManual


  • Automatic operating mode allows operator to walk away.
  • Manual overrides allow "on the fly" adjustments for custom cleaning.
  • High pressure scanning air jets simultaneously cleans both ends of the filter for superior ash removal.
  • Each filter cell is addressed individually to assure that no cell is left un-cleaned.
  • Upper and lower window with internal lights let the operator watch the dust come out of the filter. Cleaning is done when ash stops coming out.
  • Diagnostic feature built into the cleaning action allows detection of failed cell walls & defective filters.
  • Scanning air jets do not harm cell walls, platinum coatings or dislodge ceramic from the casing.
  • Adjustable nozzle system allows cleaning under filter flanges and into recessed cavities.
  • Fully adjustable for filter heights from 6" to 36" with the flip of a switch.
  • Nozzle travel distance is switch controlled to allow quick change for filter diameters ranging from 6" OD to 16" OD.
  • Side stitch feature allows focusing the cleaning action on the outside perimeter of the filter.
  • Timer activates signal light. Cleaning time will vary from 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on filter diameter, height and loading.
  • Emergency shutoff switch stops all functions.
  • Door switch stops all blowing for safety.
  • Quiet 84 dBA.


  • Exhaust: 8" QF duct connection on bottom left side or back left
  • Dimensions: 77"H x 48"W x 30"D
  • Weight: 850 lbs
  • Electrical: Standard outlet 115 Volt, 1 ph, 20 amps.
  • UL controlled

Ancillary equipment required:
Full Air Mode

  • 120 Cubic Feet per min (CFM)  or  3400 liters per minute (l/min)
    100 PSI  or  7 Bar dry air delivered to TrapBlaster
  • Minimum 125CFM/125PSI 30HP Air Compressor or 22.5 KW: larger air compressor may be required depending on compressor manufacturer, air dryer used, pipe configuration and altitude.

AirSaver Mode

  • 60 Cubic Feet p/min (CFM)  or  1700 liters per minute (l/min)
    100 PSI  or  7 Bar dry air delivered to the TrapBlaster
  • Minimum 68CFM/100PSI 20HP Air Compressor  or  15 KW

Air Dryer
High Efficiency (Required) – desiccant style or refrigeration style for 120 CFM/3400 l/min at outlet

Pipe Diameter
1 ½” ID delivery line

Dust Collector
1400 CFM or greater (with clean filters)