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FSX TrapBurner Extension Ring™
9" Extension Ring NOW INCLUDED with Base TrapBurner

The FSX TrapBurner Extension Ring adds additional height to your TrapBurner™ Kiln, allowing Stage 2 Thermal processing of larger height filters (up to 40” long), or to allow 3 filters (no longer than 17”) to be processed simultaneously, tripling your processing capacity!

Part #79-10B132 - 4.5" Extension Ring (Must be used with Filter Rack to accomodate 3 filters in TrapBlaster)


Pre-2016 Base Model Kit for TrapBurners:
Part #79-10B125 - Small Kit (4.5" Extension Ring & 31" Filter Rack)
Part #79-10B127 - Large Kit (4.5" & 9" Extension Rings with 39" Filter Rack)

Order your FSX TrapBurner Extension Ring Today!

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