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    "REMAN" DPFs

    Let's be clear on what a "REMAN" DPF really is...

OEM-Level Reconditioning
Stage 1 Pneumatic Cleaning
Solutions for Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Trucks
Passenger Vehicles | Construction Equipment

Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks | Construction Equipment

The FSX TrapBlaster Stage 1 Pneumatic Cleaner® and SootSucker™ Dust Collector (center above) cleans DPF and DOCs up to 36" high and 20" in diameter using dual air-knife scanning technology. The dual air knives clean each cell individually with high pressure air in as little as 22 minutes.

Bypass Detection - Visible detection within the first 2 minutes of cleaning shows any failure of filter media.

Passenger Vehicles | Light Duty Equipment

The FSX CatBlaster Stage 1 Pneumatic Cleaner® clean passenger and light-duty DPF and DOCs quickly and efficiently, with better containment and easier handling of soot and ash than competing products.

PLC driven controls, a fully visible cleaning process, and a printed performance report let you KNOW the filter is clean.

Pneumatic Cleaning
Bypass Detection | Environmentally Preferred
Stage 1 Pneumatic Cleaning is the cornerstone to successful OEM-Level Reconditioning Program. Several critical capabilities are ONLY possible with Pneumatic Cleaning:

  • Bypass Detection of failed cells - remove failed DPFs from the cleaning process before wasting labor hours
  • Minimize Environmental waste - by capturing the majority of soot and ash in easily handled dry form
  • Minimize generation of wet-cleaning sludge
  • Minimize the greater costs of treating / handling wet cleaning sludge
  • No Hydraulic Fracturing