FSX designs and manufactures a complete line of diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning equipment using state-of-the-art technology. These machines are extremely effective at cleaning DPFs, DOCs (Diesel Oxidation Catalysts), and SCRs (Selective Reduction Catalytics). This is the same time-tested DPF cleaning machines used in our facilities that have successfully cleaned thousands of filters for clients worldwide.

Complete DPF Cleaning System

This package contains all of the state-of-the-art equipment for cleaning DPF's.

TrapBlaster DPF Cleaning Machine

FSX TrapBlaster

Pneumatic DPF Cleaning Machine

FSX TrapBlaster JR

Low Volume Pneumatic DPF Cleaning Machine

FSX TrapTester

Air Flow Test Bench

FSX TrapBurner

DPF Thermal Regenerator

FSX TrapBurner 10

High Volume DPF Thermal Regenerator

FSX CatBlaster System

Pneumatic & Wet Cleaning, light duty & automotive DPFs

FSX TrapBurner Extension Ring

Tripling your TrapBurner capacity!

FSX Filter Rack

Perform thermal cleaning on 2 standard size DPFs at the same time.

FSX TrapTongs

Lifts DPF filters from any angle, and at any temperature

FSX SootSucker Replacement HEPA Filter

Part #10-500110 - SootSucker HEPA Filter

FSX SootSucker Replacement Primary Filter

Part #10-284542 - SootSucker Primary Paper Filter

FSX TrapBlaster Curved Nozzle Kit

Clean under cone flanged DPF's found on medium duty International trucks

FSX TrapTester Flow Reduction Adapter

Add-on to the TrapTester for 8" diameter DPFs and smaller

Tilted DOC Adapter Plate

Clean DOCs that are too large to rotate in the TrapBlaster.

FSX Kubota Oval Adapter Plate

A necessary accessory for cleaning and testing the Kubota Oval DPF

FSX Inspection Charts

Quickly identify visual common DPF issues

FSX Cleaning Here Banner

2' x 6' banner to advertise your DPF Cleaning Equipment

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