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    Meet the
    Scalable RECON Solutions

    FSX Processes, Standards, and
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    High-Volume RECON Centers

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    "REMAN" DPFs

    Let's be clear on what a "REMAN" DPF really is...

OEM-Level Reconditioning
Stage 2 Thermal Cleaning
Solutions for Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Trucks
Passenger Vehicles | Construction Equipment

Low & Medium Volume Stage 2 Thermal Cleaners

The FSX TrapBurner Stage 2 Thermal Cleaner® remove 100% of soot from DPF and DOC, and assist in loosening hardened ash plugs and scale from cell walls for easier subsequent pneumatic or wet wash removal. Process cycles typically run overnight but can be customized to fit within your production windows.

SCR Recovery - Custom Thermal programs are key to recovering Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) devices.

High Volume & Large/Specialty Assembly Stage 2 Thermal Cleaner

The FSX TrapBurner XL Stage 2 Thermal Cleaner® process higher quantities of Heavy Duty DPF/DOC in larger volume operations.

Process larger, more complex filter assemblies from Construction, Marine, Rail, and retrofit applications.

Thermal Cleaning
100% Soot removal | Assists hardened ash/scale removal
Stage 2 Thermal Cleaning provides up to 20% additional cleaning over Pneumatic cleaning alone.

  • 100% Removal of remaining soot - oxidizes remaining soot exposed by pneumatic cleaning
  • Ash plug/scale removal - generates micro-cracks between filter media and ash plugs/scale to allow up to an additional 20% cleaning over pneumatic alone
  • ONLY way to clean soot-packed DPF - Fuel injector and other engine failures can generate high volumes of soot that can densely pack a DPF full of soot. Such soot-packed filters resist pneumatic and wet cleaning methods can ONLY be recovered by oxidizing the soot using Stage 2 Thermal Cleaning.