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FSX TrapBlaster JR™
Low Volume - Stage 1 Pneumatic DPF Cleaner


The TrapBlaster JR™ is the smaller version of the TrapBlaster™, Perfect for smaller shops. TrapBlaster JR utilizes the same patented technology to clean filters significantly better than competing designs.
Surprisingly quiet operation and a ton of additional features make the TrapBlaster JR™ the hands-down choice for low volume DPF cleaning


Dimensions: 76"H x 59"W x 26"

Dust Collector: Integrated

Electrical: 110V 1 phase, 20 A

Minimum Air: 40 CFM @ 100 PSI, 10 HP Compressor


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Fits Any Budget

For smaller sized shops cleaning 1 - 3 DPFs a day.

Uses Shop Air

Air compressor managment ensures quality cleaning even at a lower air pressure and flow rate.

Programmable cleaning timer guarantees cleaning duration even if air compressor is being heavily used

Same FSX Quality Cleaning

The TrapBlaster JR uses the same cleaning process as the TrapBlaster. It visibly cleans each cell individually from both directions, prolonging the life of the DPF.

The lower air nozzle targets the hardened ash plug, causing it to break apart. The upper air nozzle blows out the loosened material.

Bypass detection shows cracks and failures in filters in 90 sec. or less

Fully Adjustable

Fully adjustable for filter height to 26" and 14" diameter.

Will not accommodate medium duty International DPFs that are over 26" long. (These will fit in our original TrapBlaster)

Integrated Dust Collector

The TrapBlaster JR has a fully integrated dust collection system, reducing the floor space requirements and saving the cost of purchasing a separate dust collector.

Two stage filtration with pulsation, dust reservoir, backblast prevention and HEPA make it shop friendly.

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