FSX TrapBlaster JR™
Pneumatic DPF and DOC Cleaner for Smaller Shops


The TrapBlaster JR combines the features of the popular FSX TrapBlaster™ and FSX SootSucker™ into a single compact lower-cost machine. Features include bi-directional air knife scanning, bypass detection to identify failed filters, and two-stage dust collection. With a fully integrated dust collector, single phase power, and the ability to work with smaller air compressors the TrapBlaster JR has a lower overall investment cost making it the perfect choice for small shops.


Dimensions: 76"H x 59"W x 26"

Dust Collector: Integrated with HEPA filtration

Electrical: 120V, 1Ph, 20A - or - 240V, 1Ph, 10A

Minimum Air: 40 CFM @ 120 PSI, 10 HP Compressor

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Great Way to Get into the DPF Cleaning Business

  • Ideal for shops cleaning 1 to 4 DPFs a day. Throughput depends upon size of compressor.
  • No electrical upgrades needed: operates on standard shop power and works with small air compressors.
  • Combines DPF cleaning and dust collection into a single low-cost compact machine.
  • Quick to install. Arrives fully assembled: uncrate, plug in, and connect air.
  • Easy to operate with touchscreen controls and built-in tutorial.
  • Automatic cleaning allows operator to set up, start, and walk away.

Air Pressure Management Built In

Automatically pauses if pressure drops to ensure proper cleaning

Approximate performance:

  • 10 HP - Intermittent Cleaning - 2 hours
  • 20 HP - Near-continuous cleaning - 1 hour
  • 30 HP - Continuous Cleaning - 45 minutes

Proven FSX Quality Cleaning

  • The TrapBlaster JR uses the same cleaning process as the long-proven TrapBlaster.
  • Visible process allows operator to determine when cleaning is complete.
  • Cleans every cell individually from both directions.
  • Lower air nozzle breaks up soot and ash. Upper air nozzle blows out loosened material.
  • Bypass detection shows cracks and failures in 2 minutes or less.

Adjustable for a Wide Range of DPF and DOC Sizes

  • Fully adjustable for filters up to 26" tall and 14" in diameter.
  • Setup and start sleaning a filter in 30 seconds.

Integrated Dust Collector

  • Two stage Two-stage filtration:
    • Primary filter self-cleans to maximize service life
    • HEPA final filter ensures shop safety
  • Quick-change filters and easy-dump dust bucket.
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