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FSX Complete DPF Cleaning System Package™
Heavy Duty DPF & DOC Cleaning System

#1 OEM recommended Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Equipment in the world!
This complete DPF Cleaning package contains all of the equipment for cleaning DPF's. Excellent for diesel service providers, truck dealers and fleets.

TrapBlaster™ Pneumatic Cleaner
TrapTester™  Air Flow Test Bench

TrapBurner™ Thermal Cleaner
SootSucker™ Dust Collector

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FSX TrapBlaster - Pneumatic DPF Cleaner

• Patented air wands clean from two directions
• Cleans each cell individually
• Cleaning is visible for detection of failed cells
• Can be adjusted to fit most filters


FSX TrapTester - Airflow Test Bench

• The only industry standard airflow test bench
• Accurate pressure measurements
• Comparison to a baseline
• Finds defective filters


FSX TrapBurner - DPF Thermal Regenerator

• Pre-loaded FSX programs bring the temperature to OEM specifications
• Helps to recover difficult filters
• Expandable for demands for volume
• Operation is simple and reliable


FSX SootSucker - Dust Collector

• Self-cleaning for longer filter life
• Two-stage cleaning with HEPA
• Fast and easy disposal of dust
• Keeps you employees safe


Electrical Options Chart

electrical options chart 
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Floor Layout

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Machine Specifications

Installation & Set Up

  • - Pre-assembled with minimal set up
  • - Simple install instructions to get you up and running the same day
  • - Typical installation is 5-6 hours with 2 people.
    (not including electrical hook-ups)

Expansion Guide

1. Expand initially with the FSX Filter Rack & FSX Extension Ring. These accessories allow you to process 3 filters in the TrapBurner at a time.

2. If more expansion is necessary you can consider adding more TrapBurners™. FSX has found that about 1 out of 7 to 8 active regeneration filters needs a thermal cleaning.

3. As volume grows you may need to add additional TrapBlaster™ Pneumatic Cleaning machines and an additional SootSucker 2 ™ to collect the ash. Each DPF will release one pint to one quart of ash and soot.

4. An overhead crane or jib boom with FSX TrapTongs may be beneficial in moving filters through the work center as volume justifies. FSX can provide recommendations.

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