General Truck Supplies, Wilmington California, Becomes First North American FSX CatBlaster Pneumatic & Hydro DPF Cleaning Location

General Truck Supplies, Wilmington California, is the first North American FSX CatBlaster Pneumatic and Hydro DPF (diesel particulate filter) cleaning facility as designated and authorized by FSX Equipment, Granite Falls Washington. General Truck Supplies is independently owned for over 20 years and specialize in heavy duty commercial truck parts and DPF maintenance services. With FSX’s CatBlaster Pneumatic and Hydro DPF equipment, General Truck Supplies is now able to clean light duty DPF equipment on vehicles like Dodge and Mercedes Benz Sprinters and many other diesel automobiles. General Truck Supplies has been a trusted leader in heavy duty DPF cleaning while utilizing FSX’s DPF cleaning equipment for years. FSX Equipment continues to dominate the nationwide DPF cleaning equipment market and has chosen General Truck Supplies to be its first USA/Canada CatBlaster location.

General Truck Supplies has hundreds of loyal customers in and surrounding the Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles. General Truck Supplies’ recent designation by FSX Equipment to be the first CatBlaster Pneumatic and Hydro DPF cleaning equipment location in the United States instantly expands the company’s reach throughout all of Southern California and further solidifies its DPF cleaning leadership and commitment to providing superior service.

General Truck Supplies’ co-owner Paul Varela credits his company’s DPF cleaning success to his shop’s exceptionally skilled DPF technicians, the use of FSX’s state of the art DPF cleaning equipment and the accompanying software needed to track the cleaning process (FSX TrapTracker). With FSX’s CatBlaster Pneumatic and Hydro equipment, General Truck Supplies will get busier.

“The combination of FSX Inc.’s high quality DPF cleaning equipment, the FSX TrapTracker software, the FSX CatBlaster, all of these make a great combination with our team. These leading edge FSX technologies increase our capacity to now clean and service light duty DPF units” Mr. Varela confidently stated.